GoText appearance


I am trying to make GoText display (…) when text wont fit to its bounds, but the GoText always presenting all the text, probably by extending the bounds automatically.
i’ve tried Wrapping & Mutliline properties, but to no avail.


GoText.StringTrimming to StringTrimming.EllipsisCharacter (to get the “…” effect)
GoText.AutoResizes to false (to keep the GoText object from resizing in order to fit the text when the text changes)
GoText.Clipping to true (to make sure nothing is drawn outside the Bounds)
GoText.Bounds to the size (and position) you want
Note! If the Height is too short nothing will be drawn. This is an unfortunate “feature” of how .NET drawing draws strings when trimming. Also, if the Width is too narrow, you won’t see any ellipsis.
When Multiline is true, each logical line (separated by newlines) will be trimmed separately.
You can set Wrapping and WrappingWidth too. If both Wrapping and Multiline are true, then I believe only the last visible logical line will get trimmed, because previous lines will wrap rather than be trimmed.


that realy helped.