GoText Editor Alignment for ComboBox

How can I set the alignment for a GoText editor with GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox ?
The default alignment is left, and I would like it to be right aligned.

The ComboBox gets its RightToLeft property from the GoView, if GoView.RightToLeftFromView is true, or else from the GoText.RightToLeft property.

I'm sorry, I should have been more clear.
I would like the text in the combobox to be right aligned.
If I set RightToLeft to true, the dropdown button ends up on the left side.
Since the relevant context for this GoText is to the right of it, the Gotext alignment is MiddleRight.
I would like the editor text to be aligned likewise, but leave the dropdown button to the right

Well, I just posted an example of customizing GoText to create customized ComboBoxes:

I suggest you start by trying the simpler case, overriding DoBeginEdit, to see if that works. If trying to set ComboBox properties after it has been created fails, then you’ll need to pursue the course presented by all of that code, overriding CreateEditor and including the ComboBox-inheriting control.

You probably won’t need an override of DoEdit (or use of DoEditEx) which was the other reason for that sample code.