GoTextNode Label Centering


I’ve been playing with the OrgChart demo example that comes with the package and have yet to figure out how I can center multiple lines in the OrgChart or a single line for that matter inside the node. They are all left-justified and don’t seem to be very eye appealing this way.
I’ve looked at the methods and properties of the GoTextNode Label and played around with various way of placing the TEXT into the node in a more formatted way, which helps, but using a proportional font still doesn’t make it FULLY centered (though it’s better).
Thanks for any help or suggestions.


A single line ought to be centered, since there’s nothing else to make it look uncentered.
Try setting the .Label.Alignment to GoObject.Middle.


That seemed to do it - worked for multi-lines, assume it works for single also… though I didn’t explicitely check.