GoText's Text editing issues

Hello Go Team,I have an issue with GoText. I create a background using "GoRoundedRectangle" and inside of it I place a GoText shape. SO far so good, my shape is functional and visible inside my View, I am able to edit the text associated with the GoText when I click with the mouse inside the shape and the press on enter to commit the text everything gets saved, but for some reason when I use the mouse to enter the GoText Text section, edit the text and CLick out of the shape's text the edition does not get commited and not just that, I am unable to reenter back into an edition mode of the GoText's Text. GoText is constantly in "Editable = true" mode??? What am I doing wrong?There are somethings you must know before giving an answerLet me explain how our class structure works:
L2: Inherited Class 2 from Class 1 (Specific Container View)|L1: Inherited Class 1 (General ContainerView)|Base: GoViewL2 class is connected to events that trigger each time a new selection is focused/changedSo it seems that amidst this inheritence and events that trigger on new selections the Text of a GoText Shape becomes non-editable but only after a 1st attempt, meaning that I click inside the text with my mouse, the edition turns on.... I change the value, click out with THE MOUSE, and the text is not saved + I am unable to return into edition mode... it is locked. I know it's a long one, but I spent many hours trying to find the problem but could not.RegardsN.

ok… when you are in Edit mode for a GoText object, and yo u click in the background… here’s the stack:

GoView.OnMouseDown calls

GoView.DoMouseDown calls Control.Focus()

which results in the TextBoxControl getting an OnLeave event, which calls AcceptText() and GoText.DoEndEdit.

so… if you are messing with OnMouseDown or DoMouseDown… that’s probably where the problem is.

We may want to review your strategy here. Best practices would involve handling GoView events, or writing custom input Tools, but messing with overrides in GoView is generally a last resort.