GoToolManager.DoMouseDown not called

Whenever my GoView subclass has its Document property set, the next GoView.DoMouseDown() base class method call does NOT call GoToolManager.DoMouseDown().
Subsequent calls to GoView.DoMouseDown() do call GoToolManager.DoMouseDown().
So it takes 2 mouse clicks to select an object after a view is set with a new document with already built objects.
Is this a bug?

Yes, and it has already been fixed in version 2.3. (Baselevel 2.3.1 is the released version number.) We’re about to send mail announcing 2.3.
FYI, setting GoView.Document calls GoView.DoCancelMouse(), which causes GoView.DoMouseDown to skip calling IGoTool.DoMouseDown if the view doesn’t have focus. Although setting GoView.Document should call DoCancelMouse, it shouldn’t cause the next mouse down to be skipped if the view didn’t have focus.