GoView Control


I have a winform program that contains a GoView control which is displaying a GoLayoutLayeredDigraph. So far so good. I now need to be able to save and restore the document/view contents many times over as the user requests different graphs to display and edit. Is there any example code to do this or maybe a how-to document? Do I need a seperate GoView control for each graph? I only need to display a single graph at any point in time.
I suspect using a single Control and simply using some save/load mechanism is a better choice.
We certainly have demos that can save and restore diagrams.
We have samples that use XML (Take a look at how File/Save and File/Open is implemented in the ProtoApp sample application. It's in the GraphDoc Store and Load methods. Just iterate over all the nodes and links in your application and write out your custom XML elements and attributes. When reading the XML document, just traverse the XML elements and just create the appropriate Go objects that correspond to the XML elements and attributes.)
FlowCharter, OrgCharter, StateCharter, and Processor samples
also read/write XML.

And one sample that uses a simple database structure (dataSetDemo)

How you save/restore your diagram data is up to your application, there is no "one correct way" to do it with GoDiagram.