GoView: doesn't respond after scrolling


Ive got an issue with a GoView implementation. It works fine as long as
you don’t scroll the webpage. If you do scroll down, then the the area
you have to click in order to select an icon remains the same spot as
it did at the top of the page and not where the icon presently sits on
the page.

Is there an event binding I am missing?

No, that should work. Do you find that the samples have that problem? If you don’t trust your installation you can try our online installation of the web samples:
Maybe in your application there is some sort of error that is being muffled.
But it is true that if you have a NoPost view (either you set GoView.NoPost to true on the server or you set the goNoPost property on the element in the HTML DOM on the client) the tooltip and cursor locations will not be updated. (Of course that only applies if the client is IE 6.) That’s because we can’t transmit the JavaScript data for tooltips and cursors when we are only reloading the image.

It seems to be a firefox issue as the same thing happens in your
examples. Is this a known issue and are there any ways around it?

We’re about to come out with a beta version of 2.3, which will support Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape (7+).
Right now we’re thinking about dropping support for IE 4 and Netscape 4 & 6. Any complaints about that from anyone?
Has anyone tried it with IE 7?