GoView Printing problems


The GoView.Print method only prints the document objects by default. How to print what is in the view as seen. For example, if there are 3 GoText objects spaced at equal intervals (in the view), when printed all of them get jumbled up.


Could you describe how you got things “jumbled up”?
This is the definition of PrintView. You can override this to call PaintObjects with a second argument of true, if you want to print view objects such as selection handles.
protected virtual void PrintView(Graphics g, RectangleF clipRect) {
// by default does not print the document paper color or view background color
// paint any user-defined background
PaintBackgroundDecoration(g, clipRect);
g.SmoothingMode = this.SmoothingMode;
g.TextRenderingHint = this.TextRenderingHint;
g.InterpolationMode = this.InterpolationMode;
// paint all the document objects, but not any view objects
PaintObjects(true, false, g, clipRect);


Thanks for the reply. But it did not fix the problem. I face this at several places. For example, if the 3 GoText objects are equally spaced at 10 units aparts (X- coordinates) and all have the same Y-Coordinate and have font height of 7, like for instance
M1 M2 M3
then when printed they appear as
In some cases, certain characters overlap with each other. I tried setting true for painting view objects in “PaintObjects” method as well.


I can’t reproduce any problem. Here’s what I tried:
public void MakeVariousTexts() {
float fsize = 6;
float ypos = 20;
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
GoText t = new GoText();
t.Text = “M1”;
t.FontSize = fsize+i;
t.Position = new PointF(20, ypos);
t = new GoText();
t.Text = “M2”;
t.FontSize = fsize+i;
t.Position = new PointF(30, ypos);
t = new GoText();
t.Text = “M3”;
t.FontSize = fsize+i;
t.Position = new PointF(40, ypos);
ypos += 30;
The results look about the same both on the screen as when printed. The printed version of course is a lot clearer, due to the higher resolution. I find that there is overlap when the FontSize is 7 or larger. And even at a FontSize of 6, the “M2” starts to overlap with the “M3”.