GoView.PrintPreview prints empty pages

I’ve a simple project with a pallete and a view. No tweaking, no customization, just a basic stuff. I drop a couple of nodes on the view, then click a button that invokes PrintPreview method on the view. The preview looks okay, but when I click the printer icon on the Print Preview window, it prints an empty page (with corner markers printed only). I wonder if I’m missing something?? Calling Print method on the view works just great (the diagram get printed just fine).
My Northwoods.Go.dll version is
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Val Savvateev,
Meridium Inc.

There were a number of print preview bugs; some were bugs in .NET Windows Forms, some were in our code. We fixed our bugs and added some work-arounds for .NET bugs in later releases. Your description sounds like a bug that was fixed in the 1.0.1 release.
1.0.0 was released more than two years ago, at the same time as .NET itself was released. I strongly recommend using the latest versions (2.1.2 release, or 2.2.0 beta) not only for various bug fixes, but also for new features that many customers have asked for.