GoView - right-click selection

I have multiple GoObjects selected inside a GoView. When I right-click on the objects, I should display a contextmenu “Copy selected objects”.
The problem is that on the right-click I lose my selection, then one single object is selected, and finally my single item contextmenu “Copy object” is displayed.
How can I prevent my right-click to clear my selection? Thanks in advance.
Silvio and Filippo (CRIF, Italy)

Yes, that is the default behavior of the GoToolContext tool.
Basically you need to set GoToolContext.SingleSelection to false. There’s example code for this in the FAQ – search for “SingleSelection”.

Thanks walter, it worked perfectly.
The problem was… we were not even using a GoToolContext
Silvio and Filippo

I forgot that we added a property to GoView that does this.
Just set GoView.ContextClickSingleSelection to false.

I cannot find the new property in GoView. I’m using GoDiagram
How can I set this property to false?

I just checked that it is in the FAQ. I had forgotten that in 2.2 the FAQ was still just a DOC file.

GoToolContext tool = aView.FindMouseTool(typeof(GoToolContext)) as GoToolContext;

tool.SingleSelection = false;