GoWeb 4.002 problem in iis7.5 win7x64

I just got a new dev machine that i’m trying to set up before i switch everything over and when i test out my site that works great on win2k3 iis 6 and my xp dev machine on my new win7x64 box all it does when i try to vew the graph is refresh the page. It has a message where the image should be that says

Loading Image... check web.config <add verb ...
and so on telling me to add or make sure that the following bit is in the web.config file.

i copied that from my web.config. I'm pretty new to IIS7.5 is there some special setting or permission i need to set to get this to work?
Any help would be appreciated.

Applications need to run in the Classic .NET Application Pool on IIS7.

Works perfectly now. Thanks. any idea what the difference is or if a future go update will let them run in the default pool?

On our list to look into the issue, but no idea how that will come out.

OK… if you’re feeling like doing some experimenting, you can try this:

in your web.config <system.webserver> section.

This allows httphandlers. see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb422433.aspx for details.

no… that doesn’t seem to help. I can run with ASP.NET 4.0 Classic Pool, but not but not ASP.NET 4.0. (and this is with IIS 7.5, running under Visual Studio, with a full GoWeb license. Running with eval license doesn’t seem to work with IIS.)

Success! I think.

Remove the

from your <system.web> section of your web.config file.

and add:



to the section. (I don’t think the name= you use matters.)

then change the pool to ASP.NET 4.0.

That worked for me.

Sweet, thanks for all the help. Should be especially useful as we upgrade our servers and dev environments over the next couple months.

You guys have the best support i've ever dealt with.

Thank you.


I am having the same issues with the page reloading.
In my case I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2 and the application Pool is set for Classic. Any clue where I should start looking?

I have the following in my httpHandlers section and am running the whole app in the classic.net app pool v2.0

everything seems to work. If there was something else i changed i've forgotten about it.

Sorry I should have added some more information.

Mine is using .net v4.0.30319 and my GoDiagram version is 4.1.0

If you are running Classic mode, you want the older <span =“Apple-style-span” style=": rgb248, 248, 252; "> style, even with IIS7 / 7.5.


I am using the older httphandlers.
here is my what the web.config looks like.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


your first note you said “<span =“Apple-style-span” style=”: rgb248, 248, 252; “>issues with the page reloading”, later you said “everything seems to work”
<span =“Apple-style-span” style=": rgb248, 248, 252; “>

<span =“Apple-style-span” style=”: rgb248, 248, 252; ">so I’m not sure whether you have an issue at this point in time or not.

No mine doesnt work. That post belonged to some one else. My Issue is the same as the initial issue of this thread only im running on version 4.1.0 of GoDiagram and I am on IIS version 7.5 on a windows 2008 R2 with .net version 4. I added my post to this thread cause its the ruffly same problem. the page constantly reloads and a message indicating that I should check to make sure the httpHandlers are configured.

<span =“apple-style-span”="" style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; line-height: normal; font-size: medium; ">

ok, sorry… the 2 notes came 10 minutes apart and I wasn’t looking at the username.

you do have 2 GoWebImageHandler lines in your file… one in each section. Not sure if that’s the problem though.

Make sure you have the GoWeb.js file in place.

One thing you can try (as a test) is grab a web.config from one of the samples and try that… you may have to add some bits from your web.config to get the app to run.

I commented out the first handler andits working again. Thanks!!