GoWeb and SharePoint

Has anybody built a web part for SharePoint 2007 using GoWeb? I’m looking for a sample web part that uses GoWeb.

This is an excellent question. I sent a question asking for the feasibility of this and here’s the reply I received.

We don't have experience doing that, but we know of no reason why that shouldn't work. WebParts can contain ASP.NET controls, and a Northwoods.GoWeb.GoView is just a regular WebControl.

I tried to create a simple web part to display the pallette and it's blowing up. I'd really be interested if someone has a simple "Display the canvas" or something webpart they'd be willing to share the code for.

Two people asking about SharePoint. Sounds like a trend....
What does your "blow up" look like?

You might want to search the web about how to do this. Of course it depends on which version of SharePoint you are using. Remember also that GoDiagram Web depends on session state.