GoXam Link label moves after integrating new dll


Using Northwoods.GoWPF.dll dll version follow these steps.

  1. I have sent you the Processor.xaml file and Processor.xaml.cs over mail. Please include them into the GoWpfDemo solution and run the application.

2. Add two nodes and a link as shown below.

  1. Try to move any of the nodes. Notice that the link label remains at the same place.

  2. Now remove the Northwoods.GoWPF.dll reference and add reference to new Northwoods.GoWPF.dll with version

    5. Rebuild the solution, Run it and repeat steps 2,3.
    Notice that the link label moves its location continuously. Am I doing something wrong here?

I’m finding that the link label is jumping all over the place regardless of the Northwoods.GoWPF.dll that I use. It does seem to be more frequent with the newer DLL, but I’m pretty sure that there is something wrong with your custom LinkPanel, which has changed considerably since what I gave you. Running the old Processor code that I gave you, with the latest DLL, seems to work well.