GoXam link label shape leader line points


I have sent you two files one Processor.xaml and Processor.xaml.cs over mail.
Please download the attached files from mail, include them into the GoWpfDemo45.csproj and make following changes.

  1. Add following line into the MainPage.xaml.cs so that it appears into the sampletypes list
    new TypeInfo() { Name=“Processor”, Type=typeof(Processor.Processor) },

  2. Compile and run the solution

  3. Click on the “Processor” into the samples list

  4. Add two nodes “Process Unit1”, “Process Unit2” from palette and create a link between them, so that the diagram looks something like this.

  5. Now move both these nodes and swap their positions to match following.

Note that the label leader line location is not proper and it is not attached to the link.
Please advice.


I did receive your modified source code. But when I ran it, I was unable to reproduce the behavior that you see.

Are you using the 2.1.4.* DLL?

I was using 2.1.1 and tried with 2.1.4 and its working fine. Thanks.