Graduated Panel ticks alignment

Is there any way to align the ticks with the Indicator/Grid ?

I am using a light theme with a Grid on the Diagram and honestly this bug is annoying.

it looks like all the ticks are not well aligned with the Indicator/Grid.

I just checked the Control Gauges example and I found the same problem as well.

If I fix the ones that overlap the Grid it would be awesome because they’re the obvious ones

Do you think it’s related to the svg paths or something ?



Thank you !

The Diagram.grid and any Shapes that you have, such as the main element of a “Graduated” Panel, are independent of each other. if you want some graduated markings to correspond somehow with the Diagram’s grid, you’ll need to align it yourself.

Regarding tickmarks – the positioning looks OK, but the example that you show in a gauge looks slightly tilted. We’ll investigate. Users might not be able to notice when the lnes are thin.

It may be the same problem since I made the template based on the Control Gauges example

I think the tick marks are correctly positioned on the path, but they are being drawn at a slightly wrong angle. So you won’t notice it unless the tick mark is long or wide.

My guess is that you are positioning the gauge slightly to the right of where you want it to be. Perhaps you are not taking half the Shape.strokeWidth into account for something? How is the positioning of the gauge being done?

This is an example on Codesanbox

You haven’t set Node.locationSpot and Node.locationObjectName in order to make sure that any vertical or horizontal tick marks have any chance of being aligned on the background grid.

We’re looking into fixing the angles of the tick marks.

2.2.8 has been released and should resolve the angle of the that tick mark.