GraphLinksModel, connecting links to links


In the GoXam 2.0 Intro manual, at the description of GraphLinksModel, it is mentioned that “if you need to connect links to links, you will need to use a separate data structure to represent each link.”

Although the intro manual does not suggest that creating connections between links is already possible within the original GoXam framework, I’m curious as to why the above is mentioned in the manual. Is there any easy way to extend the framework to allow this functionality? Have I missed something?

Yes, that is saying that if you want to connect links to links, you need to use GraphLinksModel.
You might find the following topic useful:

And you are right – we ought to include a section about this topic in the Introduction, probably in the Appendix where less commonly used features are discussed.

Great! Thanks.

Regarding the documentation, it also appears that GraphLinksModelLinkData’s LabelNode has the same description as the To property.

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> // Gets or sets the key value of the node to which this link goes.
public NodeKey LabelNode { get; set; }

Thanks. Here’s a better description:

Gets or sets the key value of the node which is on this link acting as if it were a label.