We have Assign properties of GoObject (For Ex:Graph Node,Graph Link,GraphView) to Properties Grid.

Undo/Redo is active when change properties of Graph node and graph link
while change properties of Graph View Object then donot active Undo/Redo.

We have perform start transaction and Finshied transaction Cell Value
Changing event of Properties grid.

private void prtyGrid_CellValueChanging(object sender, DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.Events.CellValueChangedEventArgs e)
GraphView gView = this.GetLayout.GetView;
for(int i=0; i<PropertyObjects.Length;i++)

                if (PropertyObjects<em> is GraphNode)
                    ((GraphNode)PropertyObjects<em>).PropertyChanged = e.Row.Properties.Caption;
                else if (PropertyObjects<em> is GraphLink)
                    ((GraphLink)PropertyObjects<em>).PropertyChanged = e.Row.Properties.Caption;

                else if (PropertyObjects<em> is GraphView)

                    ((GraphView)this.PropertyObjects<em>).PropertyChanged = e.Row.Properties.Caption;

            gView.FinishTransaction("Prop Changed");


This Code Work Only Graph Node,GraphLink Object,not work for GraphView Object.



The built-in support for undo in Go only applies to documents and document objects. Changes to views, such as selection and view position, are not considered to be edits to the document, and therefore are not tracked for undo and redo. Also, the GoUndoManager cannot track any changes to GoObjects that are not part of a document.


We have changed properties of graph View such as BackColor,GridStyle etc.

these properties(Back Color,GridStyle,GridlineColor) cannot tracked for undo and redo.