Group nodes are changing its position on expanding the groups

I have not set any layout and using GraphLinkModel for groups and nodes and links.
I have set position on root group. But when I expand the group then this group along with its neighbour are changing there position little (vertically).
How can I stop this movement (Just like GridLayout).

If your Group template has a Placeholder, then the placeholder’s size and position (and thus the group’s size and position) are entirely determined by the area occupied by the group’s member parts.

So maybe the group’s layout is causing the nodes to move away from where you want them to be. It depends on the details of how the group is defined and how its layout works.

Or maybe you don’t want to use a Placeholder?

Yes I am using Placeholder for group.
I set
maxLocation: new go.Point(Infinity, NaN),
minLocation: new go.Point(-Infinity, NaN),
props in group template to get rid of vertical jerk while expanding groups (GridLayout for Diagram).

But now I want to position the node at some (x,y). So now I am avoiding GridLayout. But expansion of groups gives vertical jerk.

Those maxLocation and minLocation properties only limit the user’s dragging of that node. Layouts (and any other code that sets the Node.location) can move the node anywhere it likes.

Is the end position of the group where you want it to be? Is that “jerk” only caused by some animation rather than by the layout?