Group resizing with locationSpot=go.Spot.Center

If I have a group containing several nodes when I resize the group the behaviour is different depending on the value of locationSpot

  • If it’s go.Spot.TopLeft, the nodes stay in the same place
  • If it’s go.Spot.Center, the nodes move
    Is this expected behaviour? I’d like to use locationSpot=go.Spot.Center since it simplifies a lot of our other code but I’d prefer if a resize left the nodes in the same location. Is there a way to achieve this?

If you have a Placeholder, it depends on your containing Panels how the placeholder is positioned relative to the rest of the Group’s elements.

We don’t have a Placeholder, we had some problems which were rectified by removing it

I think you’ll need to override ResizingTool.resize to do what you want. Sorry, but on this long holiday weekend I don’t have time to figure that out for you.

Thanks, only looking for a pointer in the right direction and that’ll do it, have a good long weekend.