Grouping in swimlanes


I want to enable selection grouping in a swim lanes diagram.
The nodes to be grouped should belong in the same swim lane and they should collapse.
Would that: be a possible solution?
Is this possible to implement in the current version?
If not is it going to be possible in a later version?

Thanks in advance!

I can work on a new version of the SwimLanes sample that supports collapsing/expanding individual lanes (a.k.a. Groups).

Thanks, that would be awesome!

But just to clarify:
<span =“apple-tab-span”="" style=“white-space:pre”> I don’t need the swim lanes to be expandable.
<span =“apple-tab-span”="" style=“white-space:pre”> I need to be able to create a group of nodes in a swim lane and minimize it

For version 1.5 we’re splitting up the Swim Lanes sample into two: one horizontal and one vertical. That makes the code a bit simpler, and prevents people from trying to change the boolean HORIZONTAL parameter at run-time. Here they are: and In the future, as of the next 1.5 release, they will be in the samples directory.

Thats a nice feature but it is not quite what I asked for.
Please review my last reply

I’m not sure what you mean, and I am sure that our samples will not be exactly what anyone wants. But you’re a programmer, so you can adapt the sample to do what you want.

Fair enough Smile
I ll give it a try and post my progress (if any) here describes the standard groupSelection command. Maybe what you want is already built in and has nothing to do with lanes.