Grouping JGo Objects


Is JGo supporting Grouping of objects, Once the graph is drawn?
As shown in below diagram1, process is created and after selecting(mouse drag) Activity1, Activity2, Activity3, Can make them as one group(diagram 2) ?

Diagram 1.

Diagram 2.



I don’t think anyone else can see the images you are trying to
show. You need to put them where an HTTP reference can find them.

The answer is yes, although it’s much easier to implement with the next
version of JGo. With the current version, in order to add a node
to a JGoArea, you need to remove the node from the JGoDocument
first. This has the side-effect of removing any links that are
connected. You can get around this by replacing the ports with
your own ports that override ownerChange to be a no-op when you are
“re-parenting” a node from top-level into a JGoArea (or the reverse, or
from one JGoArea to another one).

In JGo version 5.1 we have added a method called addCollection to the
JGoArea and JGoLayer classes that do this for you. 5.1 is in beta
now, for customers currently with support/subscription.