Groups or Subgraph?


In my code of application, I need to determine that if a part belongs to a group, but I found that there are two methods of part class: ContainingGroups and ContainingSubgraph. So here come two questions: 1, what difference between group and subgraph, I was thinking they were the same? 2, Can a Node or Link belongs to 2 or more different groups at the same time? if yes, how can I realize it?

There’s only one class, Group, that can “contain” other Nodes and Links.

In the current design, every Node or Link can be “contained” by at most one Group. Such a group is called a “subgraph”.

It is possible that in the (currently unplanned) future a part might be “contained” by more than one group. But not now.

Another way to describe the situation is that every instance of IGroupsModel must be an ISubGraphModel.

Thanks for your response! It’s cleaer!