Growing GoWeb


Is there any way in GoWeb to have it automatically grow as the flow diagram gets bigger with tons of objects?

Do you mean by making the GoView larger? Sure, you can do that by setting the Width and/or Height appropriately on the server. Presumably, though, there should be a limit on such a size.

But for NoPost GoViews, you will need to set the size of the element on the client correspondingly, from JavaScript code.
Having the client JavaScript code control the size is good for another reason (even when NoPost is false), because it can take into account how large the user's client window is. Several of the web samples automatically increase the width of the GoView/ -- for example, look for the MaximizeWidth JavaScript function in the Classier sample. You can generalize this to change the height as well, and to call it at times other than onLoad. Furthermore you can customize the GoViewDataRenderer to pass the desired document width & height to the client, so your JavaScript code can be smarter.

So the only way for the GoWeb View to grow automatically larger is for me to determine programatically how big the view should be based on the document size and such.

Yes, that’s right. In fact that’s true for both Windows Forms and Web Forms – the Control itself will not automatically change size. Instead it is the responsibility of the container to do the “layout” of the child Controls.