Growing Icons?

Greetings: Here’s an interesting one for you: I’ve got an application about to ship which allows the user to drag and drop icons from a palette onto a GoView document as GoIconicNodes. It works very well, except one of our testers noticed that the next time the GoView was displayed, the icons had grown in size, and that they will keep growing each time the GoView is displayed until they are about double their original size. I checked it out and found this was true only for icons made with commercial icon editors. The icons supplied with Microsoft products (at about 700KB) stay the same size, but the icons we’ve made or have snarfed for use (at about 1.05KB) are susceptible to some sort of magnification factor. Have you any idea what’s going on here? This has got the Quality folks all in a tizzy. Thanks for any info you might be able to provide. Sincerely, Doug (P.S. I'd be glad to pass along a couple of these growing icons, but I'm not sure how to attach them here, and this is with GoDiagram 2.1.2.)


Do you mean that their GoImage.Size is increasing? Or that the GoImage.Image.Size is increasing? In other words, is the GoObject changing size or is the Image changing size?