Handle the resizing of the objects

Hi Walter,
I have some GoSubGraphs to on the GoView.
When i resize the GoSubGraphs i handle the event by OnObjectResized to layout the GoSubGraphs.
But when I move the objects in the GoSubGraphs, the size of the GoSubGraphs is changed, but the OnObjectResized method isn’t called.
Help me handle the event in this case.

Well, presumably there isn’t any GoView.ObjectResized event because the user didn’t do a resize of an object, as is normally handled by the GoToolResizing tool.
But what do you want to do and why? In other words, what is the situation and what effect do you want to achieve?

Hi Walter,
Well, Thank you for your helping.
I want to arrange GoSubGraphs to they won’t intersect each other.
Give me if you have the same samples.

Clearly you can just position the subgraphs so that their X coordinates (or Y coordinates) don’t overlap, and that would make sure they don’t intersect with each other.
And if you don’t permit moving the child nodes of the subgraphs, it is easy to come up with cases where intersections are required–e.g. where a node in subgraph A is surrounded by nodes in subgraph B.
But those cases are pretty obvious, so you must have something else in mind.