Having multiple links share the same turning point

Could you please help me in formatting the link, actually I want to show the node link as shown below in image 1, but it is showing in wrong format like shown in image2.

Image 1

Image2- wrong format

In your first screenshot, are “routesplit 1”, “Route 2”, and the five small gray circles all instances of Node?

Yes it is instance of the routesplit node.

actually in “splitNextRoute2” node have 5 links and i have drap and drop the “route” node in 4th link and later the link not positioned properly

The normal routing behavior for orthogonal links is to turn at the mid-point between the two end points. In this case that means at the middle X value between the closest points of the first and last segments of the link route.

One way of controlling that is by setting or binding the Link.curviness, which will offset that middle X point. However, that doesn’t help if you want the point to be at an absolute point rather than a point relative to the middle point.

Is there a layout that is being used to position all nodes?

Already we have applied the curviness property in the diagram.linkTemplate.

Also in LayoutComplete we are recomputing the points but not changing any positions of the link.

You are recomputing the points? Why? Could you first set the curviness for each link so that all of the links coming out of a node turn at the same point?