Hidden links problem

i m working on diagram now i have created some hidden links that represent a represent relation between inner nodes of entities i have assigned them a background layer but they are still interfering with my visible links is there a solution that you recommend

Turn off Link.curve being go.Link.JumpOver on those hidden links.

I assume those hidden links have opacity == 0.0? If they had been not visible you wouldn’t have had this behavior. Are you expecting to make them not hidden dynamically?

i it possible to now draw the link in the diagram but keep the data ie from and to in the link data array

yes opacity is turned to 0

Yes, you could set or bind visible to false. That will generally be treated as if the Link did not exist, such as by layouts.

Or if you want to keep the link relationships but not show anything, either setting the opacity to zero or just defining the template to be:


will also work. That template has no Shape for its Link.path. You’ll find some cases of this in the samples.