Highlight grid cell background on mouseEnter?

The areaBackground property of a Node can be altered on the mouseEnter event.

However, making a highlight effect using the areaBackground is not that effective, because the area of highlighting is not that large.

Compare the areaBackground highlighting here (GridLayout is being used):

…with the highlighting of a background area as you would see in MS PowerPoint.
Clearly with Powerpoint, the size of the background area being highlighted is the entire “block”.

What would be the best approach for trying to achieve this effect in GoJS?

This (at the moment) is the pertinent part of the palette layout I’m using (GridLayout).
scrollsPageOnFocus: false,
contentAlignment: go.Spot.Left,
“layout.cellSize”: new go.Size(2, 2),
“layout.spacing”: new go.Size(1, 1),
“toolManager.hoverDelay”: 300,

Just specify a GraphObject.margin on the Shape. That will make each Node a bit bigger, so if you use the Node.areaBackground as the highlight, there will be more of it around each Shape.