Hot-Tracking Insertion Point on External Drag

I have a palette of GoObjects that have custom data that is used to create nodes when an object is dragged onto a view.

I want to provide "hot-tracking" feedback so the user can see which objects will accept the data being dragged and where the new node will be inserted. Ideally, a temporary link should "snap" to the nearest acceptable target node as the user drags around.
Since I'm using only the data from the dragged object to create nodes, I don't want to create a node first and then drag it around, so the strategy of using GoView.ExternalDragDropsOnEnter and GoView.DragsRealtime does not seem viable.
Thus, I don't have a GoToolDragging object to override - only a DoExternalDrag method to implement. I can find nearby nodes using GoDocument.PickObjectsInRectangle. But since the user is not dragging an actual node, I cannot create a temporary link.
How should I approach this?

I don’t understand your objection to using DragsRealtime and ExternalDragDropsOnEnter – I believe your kind of situation is exactly why those properties exist.

You’re right – a link wants to have two nodes to connect to, including in your case the temporary node that is being dragged. Having a real but temporary node during the drag allows for accurate routing of the temporary link as well as accurate rendering of the node.