How can I associate go.node (GojsNode) to HTML element so I can add an icon to that node?

I want to access gojs node from view prespective so I can associate it to div element and add

inside of the div element.

Thanks in advance.

GoJS does not currently support embedding HTML inside Nodes or Links. This is to enable rendering the diagram in various media, including canvas, SVG, raster images, and potentially other media not yet implemented, such as PDF.

Embedding HTML in nodes would also greatly slow down most operations, limiting diagram size and complexity, due to the required DOM creation and manipulation.

Avoiding HTML also avoids a lot of problems involving coordinate systems, scaling, rotation, z-ordering, focus, and copying that arise when trying to mix rendering systems.

If you want to add an icon to your node, use a Picture. This demonstrates how: Get Started with GoJS.