How can i create a ClassDiagramNode

Sorry,i’m new here.
i was looking for some info in the GoUserGuide and found that ClassDiagramNode is just the one i need.
but i dont know how to create a node of ClassDiagramNode.
And i dont know how to get the source code of WebSamples,so plz just show a way to create the node or get the source code.

ClassDiagramNode is in the sample NodeLinkDemo.

Since you seem to be just starting, and you’re doing web… we really are encouraging people to use
GoJS instead of GoDiagram Web.


i really wish i can.
it’s still IE8 which is been used in our corp.
i can update my own IE.and the rest of us is still stucked with IE8
so…HTML5 is too far away.

That can certainly be a concern within the walls of a company that has decided to slow down time.

But IE8 marketshare right now is about 5 to 8% (depending on the source you use) and dropping fast.
Google dropped support for IE8 in Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Docs/Drive on Nov 15, 2012.
Microsoft announced in February that TFS 12 wouldn’t support IE8. jQuery 2.0.

So you have to ask yourself that if you are starting development today… how much are we going to
invest in this new project? How long will you need to support users using it? 1 year, 5, 10?
What’s the long term impact of cost, quality and usability of basing this development on an obsolete browser?

Plus, GoJS is just so much cooler. I’m sure it would reduce the cost of your development, and
you’d end up with a product that is more usable. (Think about today’s Google Maps vs the original
version of MapQuest.)

I don’t agree with you that HTML5 is too far away. It’s here now, and actually
has been for a while.