How can I set function parameter

$(go.Picture, {
source: “”,
width: 0,
height: 0,
cursor: “pointer”,
click: this.describeLink ,
$(go.Adornment, “Auto”,
$(go.Shape, { fill: “#FFF” }),
$(go.TextBlock, { font: “12px ‘Century Gothic’,sans-serif”, margin: 5 }, new go.Binding(“text”, “image_text”))

describeLink(param:any): void {

What is your question? What are you trying to do, what have you done, and how are the results different from what you want?

I have my function describeLink with a parameter.
I would like to call this function by initializing the parameter.
The call of the function is done correctly but I can not pass parameter to my function.

It would help if you declared your function correctly: GraphObject | GoJS API. Or see the declaration in the go.d.ts file.

Also having a width or a height of zero will make it impossible for the user to click the Picture.

Even if the desiredSize were non-zero, the user would not see anything, because there is no Picture.source.

Thanks you :)