How do you find a node by it's label

Knowing a node’s label, how do I find the node and then scroll the view to that node.

Just iterate through each of the JGoObjects in the JGoDocument. When you find the node you’re looking for, use the scrollRectToVisible method. For example, if your nodes were JGoBasicNodes, you might use the following code:

JGoListPosition pos = jGoView1.getDocument().getFirstObjectPos();
while (pos != null) {
JGoObject obj = jGoView1.getDocument().getObjectAtPos(pos);
pos = jGoView1.getDocument().getNextObjectPosAtTop(pos);
if (obj instanceof JGoBasicNode) {
JGoBasicNode bn = (JGoBasicNode)n;
if (bn.getLabel().getText().equals("test")) {