How do you get palette items to drop


If I set the setShowSampleItems to true those items will drag and drop from the palette to the view. However if I add an item to the palette and set draggable(true) they will not drag over. Why not? Do I really have to subclass any JGo object and override the copy method. Why is there no example that actually shows you putting an item into the palette for “real” use? Could we see a round trip here… I am evaluating the product for possible use. I have been somewhat less impressed with the examples provided.


You shouldn’t need to call setDraggable, since that should be true by default.
Actually, several examples do initialize a JGoPalette explicitly–check out the Demo1, Flower, IconicApp, and Processor examples. Look for code like “myPalette.getDocument()”, which is where such initialization is started.
Could you tell us how we could improve our evaluation kit? We have received very good feedback from hundreds of customers over many years. But maybe we are missing something that you are looking for.