How should we integrate the GoJS with angular4 and that to with different components for palettes and diagram

Need some sample how can we break down the GoJS sample diagram code into different components in angular4. In other words how to prepare o GoJS diagram using multiple child components in angular 4.
Thanks in advance!

I assume you have seen the angular-basic project, in the projects subdirectory.

What do you mean by “multiple child components”? Components in Angular mean HTML elements, and for efficiency reasons there are no meaningful HTML elements within a GoJS Diagram.

Thanks Walter for quick reply. I am new to this so would you please paste the url from where I could download the angular-basic project, you mentioned.
Multiple child components means I want to create the separate components for palette and diagram, need to breakdown the GoJS code in two components and want to use this palette and diagram component as a child in my main component.
something like below structure to dispaly the GoJS diagram

If you have downloaded the ZIP file from either our web site or from GitHub, or if you have forked our GitHub project, or if you have installed “gojs” via NPM, you’ll find a “projects” subdirectory.

Regarding components – there’s no problem creating separate custom components for Palette and for main Diagram. Or even just a single component holding both. Whatever you want.

yeah got it. Thanks!