How to add Date as input types within the Data inspector

Is it possible to add Date as an input for the data Inspector.
I am trying to add property with date as input type, but its seems like not supported.

Here’s what I tried.

  1. I made a copy of the extensions/DataInspector.html page

  2. I added two properties on the “Beta” node data, “date” and “time”:

{ key: 2, text: "Beta", . . ., date: "2020-02-24", time: "07:08" },

The actual property names don’t matter, of course.

  1. I added these two property descriptors in the options to the Inspector:
"date": { type: "date" },
"time": { type: "time" },
"state": { . . .
  1. I opened the page in Firefox and clicked on the “Beta” node. This is the result:

So the s are clearly of type “date” and “time”, as one would expect.

Clicking on the date field brings up a calendar:
image (1)

Clicking on the time field doesn’t show any special component for selecting the time, but the hour and minute are separately editable.

So it seems to be working well for me. Perhaps your browser doesn’t do what you want? I know IE11 doesn’t support it.

If that is the case you may need to modify the Inspector.js code to do what you want on all browsers and platforms that you want to support.