How to add dynamic segments for link

I want create dynamic segments with link click event point and i want start segment moving.
Maybe this method binding to with key.
i can edit link click event but i don’t know how to add segments.i tried to extend for link points but caused this fault
console => frozen data for link.points

Have you seen what happens when you set Link.resegmentable to true?

yes I have resegmentable but i want add dynamic segements.
I want add a segment at user click point.
If I press a button when I click to select, I want to add a segment to it

That’s a completely different style of resegmenting that the LinkReshapingTool does not support. Instead of setting Link.resegmentable and using LinkReshapingTool, you’ll need to implement your own custom tool to handle all mouse events and modify the link route as you would like.