How to add scrollbar to the Textblock


I want to add vertical scrollbar to the textblock. How can I achieve that?

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Siddharth Ray

Sorry, that feature is not supported.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the quick reply, Can I do some overriding where I could add vertical scroll to the textarea inside textblock? I have seen one gojs application where they have implemented this. Can you give a suggestion it will be very helpful.

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TextBlock is not rendered using a textarea.

If you are thinking about the in-place text editor, yes, that uses a textarea by default. But at any moment there is at most one of them.

Hi Walter,

I want the vertical scollbar here. Picture attached below. Can you tell which property or method I have to apply.

Guys I got the solution. There is class called “start” where we can apply styles.

OK, so you were only asking about text editing, not about any TextBlock.

Yes, in 1.6 you can style the “start” class, but that is undocumented and in fact has been changed in 1.7, where we have opened up the whole text editor. Please see GoJS Change Log and read about the new HTMLInfo class and the implementation of the built-in editor given in extensions/TextEditor.js.