How to Avoid Link overlapping

I have this problem regarding link overlapping.The links drawn across various icons overlap and hence the view appears messed up(i.e. the target and source for each link is not evident)
We have set the following inspite of which the above problem exists.
Could you please post a reply as soon as possible as to how the view appears better such that the links do not overlap

The simple answer is that there isn’t a mode whereby the node-avoiding routing will try to reduce the number of overlapping link segments.
Basically for each link it chooses the first shortest path that doesn’t cross over any nodes, unless it is can’t be helped because either the source node or the destination node overlaps some nodes, or because there is a “wall” of nodes all around either end node.
When going around an avoidable area, it’s natural that there is only one shortest path. So those segments will be co-incident (i.e. overlap).
For situations where there are multiple paths with the same length, it just chooses the first one it finds. That too can cause overlapping link segments.
We have worked on improving this, but we haven’t finished yet.