How to binding user defined data(Json fromat) to a node?

Can i achieve this by set value in nodedataarray/itemArray?What’s the api should use?
The data won’t show in the diagram object.Only use for data store

I’m not sure what you’re asking. It sounds as if you would benefit from reading Get Started with GoJS and the pages of the Introduction, starting at GoJS Introduction -- Northwoods Software.

Hi,thanks for your reply. @walter
Just add data in to nodeDataArray dynamically.
When i add some data into always show the data on the panel diagram.How to hidden them?

Adding or removing nodes (or links) is covered in the Introduction: GoJS Using Models -- Northwoods Software

For your second question, first read GoJS Item Arrays-- Northwoods Software. Then you can use data binding on GraphObject.visible to control whether a particular item is seen or not, even though the data is in the Panel.itemArray.

Thanks for your patient reply!