How to change the default selectionAdornmentTemplate design


I want to change the selectionAdornmentTemplate. Currently I am using the default selection template as shown the the current image. The below code I am using it to show the default adornment, please suggest what changes I can make to look it like the 2nd image.

private static linkSelectionAdornmentTemplate(): go.Adornment { const $ = go.GraphObject.make; return $( go.Adornment, "Link", $( go.Shape, { isPanelMain: true, fill: null, stroke: GRAPH_CONFIG.SHAPE_COLORS.blueColor, strokeWidth: 0, } ) ); }

Current (Default):

What I want:

First, have you read GoJS Tools -- Northwoods Software ?

The long blue line that follows the link route is the “Selection” Adornment.
The small blue squares and diamonds are handles in the “LinkReshaping” Adornment created by the LinkReshapingTool.

As documented, you can replace the archetype handles to suit your own style:
LinkReshapingTool | GoJS API
LinkReshapingTool | GoJS API