How to change the zOrder or layer of default selection Adornment


I draw a layer above all other layers. This layer is bespread with a node in white color. So this layer can cover up all other nodes which not belong to this layer. But this layer can not cover up the default selection Adornment. I know I can set the layer of custom Adornment. I also want to make nodes resizable, so I perfer to use default selection Adornment. Is there any way to change the zOrder or layer of default selection Adornment?

The “Adornment” and “Tool” Layers are normally in front of all of the regular Layers that hold Nodes and Links. I suppose you could move your layer holding your white node forward by calling Diagram.addLayerAfter.

But they are in front of those layers for a good reason – so that users can see those Adornments and manipulate them.

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Hi Walter,

Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s work.
I wrongly believed that I have put the layer with white node above all other layers.
In fact, “Adornment” and “Tool” are above this layer.

Best Regards