How to clone golink

How can i clone the GoLink Programically.i tried with below code but it seems
go view is not supplying the Go link object.we wrapped the Gomultitext in the Glyph class
so goview is giving that object but in the case of Golink we r not wrapping i thing the cloning is
done internally.

Issue:i need to copy the go-view diagram along with the link. here the copy is done by go-view itself but since we r wrapping the goview in another class some objects r not cloned so we thought of cloning programically.

//Here the link object is not provided by Go_view
public override GoObject CopyObject(GoCopyDictionary dictionary) {
Glyph original = (Glyph)base.CopyObject(dictionary);
original.ID = workspace.NextID(original);

  Glyph glyph = (Glyph)original.Clone();
  glyph.Left = original.Left;
  glyph.Top = original.Top;
  return glyph;

Copying really happens at the GoDocument level, not the GoView.

GoDocument has a CopyFromCollection(IGoCollection coll) that will add a copy of the objects in the given collection into this document.

That really isn’t what a CopyObject should look like.

we team r really interested in GoView but getting help is one of the main Kindly
support usSmile

Maybe we should take a step back and you can tell me at a higher level what you’re trying to accomplish.