How to color part of ellispe


I am using GoDiagram with VB.Net.

I want to color part of ellipse which is shown below picture.

Another case i want white part of ellipse with different color.

Can you give some ideas how can i achieve this.



I’d use a GoPie and a GoEllipse, parented by a GoGroup if you need a single object to refer to both.

Some sample code…

  GoPie pie = new GoPie();
  pie.Size = new SizeF(100, 100);
  pie.Location = new PointF(1000, 100);
  pie.BrushColor = Color.DarkOrchid;
  pie.ResizableEndAngle = true;
  pie.ResizableStartAngle = true;
  pie.StartAngle = 45;
  pie.SweepAngle = 125;
  pie.DragsNode = true;    
  pie.Resizable = false;    // allows pie to be selected for changing angles, but resize is up to parent

  GoEllipse el = new GoEllipse();
  el.Size = new SizeF(100, 100);
  el.Location = new PointF(1000, 100);
  el.Selectable = false;

  GoGroup piechart = new GoGroup();


Now… if you want to rotate the ellipse… that’s more work. You’d have to use GoDrawable and define the shape, then you could rotate it. You’d still need two GoDrawable GoDrawing objects as above if you want to fill color on the pie and not the ellipse.

Thanks Jake. I will try this.