How to cover xml GoDiagram file to json format that the json data can be used in web as javaScript?

I’m use GoDiagram winForm pack to crate some diagram and save it to xml format. now I want use those xml node info on web with javaScript.
but I find the Gojs don’t support xml formate, It just can do it with json. so could you please give me some help to solve this problem. or give me some simple code to tell me how to do?

thanks !


You’ll need to convert your XML to JSON, either on the server or on the client.

There are many different libraries for reading XML text and writing JSON text on the server, depending on what language and framework you are using.

On the client you can use JavaScript to traverse XML DOM and generate JavaScript arrays of objects.

I recommend that you search the web to learn about how to do what you need in the environment that you want to use.