How to create different links between objects

Hi Support team!

I would like to know if is possible ( based on Flowchart example), create a different link based on object, example:

I would like to create a dashed link if source is from Database Object, for example…How can I change it in FlowChart project, for example…

The another image is my example application, I created a annotation, and I would like to create a link, not a solid link…


First, you want different link classes (one for each type you need).

Then you probably want to create a new GoToolLinkingNew class, and override StartNewLink. In StartNewLink, look at the port and the port.Parent to determine what kind of link you want, and set this.View.NewLinkPrototype to be that kind of link class. Once you’ve set the NewLinkPrototype, you can call base.StartNewLink and you’ll get the right link.

See the User Guide, samples and many notes here on how to create Tools and initialize them.

Thank you very much for information!!!