How to custom the link shape between nodes

Very soon.


GoJS 1.7 has been released as the latest stable version.


Hi @walter
Can I add custom shapes for the link other then the bezier curve?

For example in the above, I have text between the two connections.

Are you asking about ?

Hi @Walter,

Yes, something on the same lines but if the length of the link increases, I want it to be repeating after some distance. I want to highlight/name the connection between two nodes. For e.g. below

If your lines will only be horizontal, then you could use a Pattern Brush:

If you want the text to be drawn repeatedly along the path of the link, then you could set the Shape.pathPattern, as shown in But the pattern, the TextBlock in your case, will be drawn without any gaps between them. There is no way to only draw the text at intervals. Sorry.