How to Drag webbrowser balloon from inside?


I am using the webbrowser balloon example, one desired behavior i had in mind for this control is to be able to drag the whole balloon when the user left clicks and drages the inside webbrowser control. I have tried to emit the mouse event outside and do the dragging on the balloon, but somehow it generates the slippery feeling.

How do I implement this behavior with the GoControl to be able to handle the dragging precisly like dragging on the normal windows title bar?


The Webbrowser control owns that area, not GoDiagram. If you want to make it draggable like a normal window with a titlebar, I guess I’d suggest making a simple titlebar-like thing out of GoObjects, and place them above the web control.

Good idea, which example can best be used to implement that title bar in this situation?


I’ve emailed you a new BrowserBalloon that has a title bar.