How to get data on hover in a group in tool pallet?

how to get data on hover in a group in tool pallet ?
hover on component is working well. I want to show the inner sub components in a popup on hover on group in tool pallet.

How to set background image on group in tool pallet?

You can use tooltips to show some information on hover.

For setting a background, it depends on your group template. Where do you want the background? A screenshot showing what you want would help.

Please find the screenshot .
This is a group I want a picture below the name.

Also I want to show some image on hover on group.

If you want the image below the group, make your group a vertical panel, and add a go.Picture. To show an image on hover, you can just use a tooltip that contains a go.Picture. More info on Pictures is here.

I want to add picture dynamically. There are many component & Groups.
When I add picture in groupTemplate it is working. How to dynamically add this?

What’s the reasoning behind adding it dynamically? Is it something you only want to show under certain circumstances? I’m guessing you can use data bindings on the picture source and visibility to achieve what you want, but it’s not clear to me yet what that is.