How to get the exact size of a GoView


I’am trying to create an AutoZoom method to ensure all space of an GoOverview if fully used, and even during resize of GoOverview. But I have difficulty to get the exact size of the associated Goview (I mean the whole size of the view, even a possible part not displayed due to zoom factor and slider). I try using directly Height and Width, but its seem not correct. So I try many other size (DocumentSize, ComputeDocumentBound, and event DisplayRect and DocExtendSize), but none seem perfectly correct.
Somebody have an idea ?

Look at GoView.RescaleToFit(), or it’s use in ZoomToFit in the FlowCharter sample. I think that’s what you want.

Thank for your answer.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit: the zoom is not perfect, an horizontal scroll bar appear in the Overview.
Lets take another example: I have a Goview containing only GoSubGraph, strictly above each other. I need to extend the GoSubGraph width to use all GoView width space but I don’t want horizontal scroll bar to appear. What width of the GoView should I use ?

What version of GoDiagram are you running?

Sorry, I should have provide that at the beginning !

GoDiagram For .Net v3.0.3.3.

Pooh. There was a fix to ''UpdateScrollBar" in 3.0.3 that was relavent here. I was hoping to just tell you to upgrade.

ok.... I'll go back and take another look at your questions.